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Simone Kvalheim is the founder and CEO of X-Cellerated Health,

an Age Reversal Expert, Coach, Speaker Publisher and Author of “Your DNA is Not your Destiny” [2020 Release] and “Phototherapy” [2020 Release] 


She champions the fight for Personal Health, Self Care and Longevity …….
Simone is an authority on cutting edge protocols that empower the body to heal itself at a cellular level.

“I know that the body is a phenomenal piece of organic architecture comprised of sound and light waves- a bundle of frequencies tuned into the universe.” “Whatever the body manifests, the body has the capacity to heal, given the right information and signals.”

X-Cellerated Health protocols combined with technology and bio-hacks, disrupt and dismantle the outdated and obsolete methodologies of both wellness and alternative systems of healthcare and treatments.
Your DNA is Not Your Destiny!


Through the Science of Epigenetics- the determination of gene expression, Vitality and Longevity are Now Your Choice!